About Me

About Me

I’m Stef!
I’m a Kiwi, that is someone from New Zealand. I’m also a bit of a fruit, one could describe me as a little bit crazy but in a good way, besides who want to be sane all the time, where is the fun in that!
I’m 27 and I’m slowly trying to make my way around the world with my partner John.

I’m a chef, yes that’s Chef Stef or Stef the Chef, has a nice ring to it I guess! Not that I planned it that way, it just happened but my theory in life is I’ll do what I enjoy and if I stop enjoying it I will change. So far it been about 10 years and I’m still loving life 🙂

I have a passion for food and more importantly, good food! To me there are basically two types of good food, there is food that is healthy and what most people would consider the usual good for you. The other type is food that is good for the soul, food thats not so nutritionally good for you but still a vital necessity to a happy healthy life!

My personal ideas are that we need a balance of food for the hips and food for the soul, as everyone is different these balances can vary between us but so long as we are comfortable in our own skin and happy in life then thats what is important! A well balanced diet and eating right is very important, our diet can affect so many aspects of our life!

I love travelling and experiencing new places, people and things! I find different was of life incredible and the more I travel and the more people I meet just inspires me to go more places and do new things!


I have just moved to Canada with my partner John. We are going to journey one very epic road trip doing the trans Canada highway from St John’s to Vancouver Island. This should take about 3-4 months then we will find a place we wish to live and stay there for the remainder of our 2 years we can live in Canada… Let the good times roll!

Here is how this blog came to be…

Firstly I started with a Facebook page and used that to post up recipes of things I was making as people have often asked me, ‘how do I make this’ or ‘what can I make for that’ so I though why not write some things down so everyone can see and if they want they can then try to make it themselves or at least get some idea’s and inspiration. Also it is a great way for me to store my recipes and I have lots of little note books which I write in and take with me everywhere but the more I travel, the more I am learning and the more little note books I have to fill up my backpack. So having some online storage is great!

After awhile of having the Facebook page a friend suggested to me, you should write a blog.. and so I did. I first had a wordpress.com blog. I had this blog for about a year but I didn’t do it justice. I didn’t regularly post it was basically another storage device for my recipes. I didn’t really have a voice nor did I put in much effort, I have never been very good at writing and never though I had anything interesting to say or share so that was definitely reflected in my blog. Basically I didn’t try very hard.

Another friend, Leszek, helped me to set up my this current blog/website. He is a web designer so was very helpful and is basically the only reason I have this blog today. Technology is way to much for me to understand, I can work my way around the simple things but thats about it. He literally had to hold my hand and talk me through step by step each little thing we were doing as we were purchasing the web domain, theme, hosting and then setting everything up too!

Because of this, especially having paid for it, really gave me a kick up the bum to do it right this time and put in some effort. So I am. I am writing more in my posts and writing regularly. Actually trying to use correct spelling and grammar, thanks to Jols the grammar queen 🙂 For those who know me will understand this is very hard for me! I write how I talk and I understand it so that’s all I need…wrong in the case, everyone else needs to understand it too.

My blog is now also about travelling rather than just food, this is for everyone who cares to see what I am up to and where I am and what I am doing with my life. I think I am living an awesome life and want to share it with others.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my life 🙂


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    Stefani Nguyen

    Hi Stef! (Love that we have the same name) Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m looking forward to checking out your traveling recipes. Keep us all updated! I hope you have a great weekend!



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    Hi Stef, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog… yours it’s just so colourfull and with yummy recipes! I’m glad you made me discover it! See ya!Cris

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    Great site! We live in NB and this has inspired us to explore more. Can you recall the number of the site where you pitched at Spednic Lake? It looks beautiful! Thanks!!

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      The Kiwi Fruit

      Hi Lucy!!
      Sorry for the late reply. Glad I have inspired you to explore more of your beautiful provence!! It is so underrated! Unfortunately I can’t remember the number of the site at Spednic lake. It was one of the site toward the end and I think only a few actually overlook the water. But they all are beautiful. Such a great place!!!
      Thanks, Stef

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