Czech Marinated Hermelin ‘Nakladany Hermelin’

Czech Marinated Hermelin ‘Nakladany Hermelin’

On our recent holiday to Poland we found ourself in a little town right on the Czech boarder. We decided to jump across and go to Czech for a little looking. We then went back to our little town and keeping in the Czech theme we went to a Czech restaurant for dinner. It was super good, actually it was one of the best meals I had while in Poland. We had some Czech Marinated Hermelin cheese as a little snack to go with our beer…. It was super good!!! 🙂

Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'

Hermelin cheese is a Czech cheese similar to a camembert but a bit firmer so for this recipe if you can’t find Hermelin, which from my experience you probably can’t then just use Camembert.

We were smart and in the morning we went back over to Czech to the supermarket. We brought ourselves a good selection of Czech beer and some Hermelin. Now back in Iceland… this is some well travelled cheese… I have finally been able to put it together to get it marinating! Or pickling, it depends who you talk to weather it is marinated or pickled but either way it is super delicious!!!

Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'

After searching some recipe’s on the internet and from my own memory of what it was like I have come up with this to share with the world 🙂

Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'

Czech Marinated Hermelin ‘Nakladany Hermelin’


4 rounds of Hermelin or Camembert
1 onion, sliced into 1/2cm rounds
4 cloves garlic, sliced
1 chilli sliced
1 Tbsp whole peppercorns
a few sprigs or rosemary
a few sprigs of thyme
1 Tbsp paprika powder
oil to cover (I used a mix of olive and just normal oil)


1. Pour a little oil into the base or a jar or sealable container whatever you wish to use to marinade your cheese.
2. Put in the bottom half the peppercorns, some garlic and a bit of chilli.
3. Cut your cheese into half so you now have two rounds.  If your cheese is thick then you can cut it into three rounds.
4. Lay all the cheese out and sprinkle with the paprika powder.
5. Place one piece of cheese into the bottom on your jar/container then a piece of onion.
6. You then want to layer it up going making sure you have cheese and onion in every layer then as you go use up the garlic, chilli, herbs and pepper evenly through out the layers.
7. When your container is full or you have finished the cheese the cover everything with oil and put it in the fridge for five days to marinade and pickle 🙂
8. This is traditionally served alongside beer and with bread.

Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'

Chef Stef

Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin' Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin' Czech Marinated Hermelin 'Nakladany Hermelin'


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  1. 3

    That looks mouth-watering! My sister travelled to Czech a couple of years ago and shared with me wonderful memories of many delicious meals, but she didn’t mention this. With my love for cheese and anything pickled, this is a must try!

    • 4
      The Kiwi Fruit

      How could she forget something like this then!! It is so good, you will have to give it a go!! And the longer you leave it to pickle the better it is, weeks are worth the extra wait. 🙂

    • 8
      The Kiwi Fruit

      I know, I had never though of it either and now I don’t think I can look at just normal camembert in the same way ever again. This is so yummy!

  2. 12

    I spent my vacation in Czech Republic last summer and had a chance to taste pickled hermelin with cold beer, it was so delicious, the best food for a hot summer day! Thank you for sharing this recipe, I will definitely try it 🧀🍻

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