Homemade Daim Bars

Homemade Daim Bars

Crunchy, buttery, chocolatey, sweet, snappy, chewy, almondy…. ADDICTIVE!!

Originally Daim bars are from Sweden but I will always associate these to Iceland as this is where I have been introduced to them… and I love them!

Daim bars are so yummy, the combination of the snappy butter almond praline coated in smooth milk chocolate is just so daim good!

Seeing as I buy these almost every time I go to the supermarket I decided to have a go at making them, whats even better is they are super easy, requiring only a few simply ingredients and little equipment you have your own homemade daim bars ready to be demolished!

The only thing you do have to be careful about while making these is not to burn the sugar while making the praline but so long as you bring it to a nice rich golden brown you are going to be good.


So here goes, try your own homemade daim bars..


100g Butter
1 heaped cup sugar
2 Tbsp golden syrup
3/4 cup ground almonds
200g milk chocolate


1. Place butter, sugar and golden syrup into a pan and put over medium/high heat until all melted together. Using a metal spoon stir occasionally so the sugar does not just burn on the bottom.


2. When all melted together and boiling reduce heat slightly and boil for about 5 minutes, stirring to make sure the bottom does not burn. You want the sugar to dissolve the colour to be a rich golden brown.


3. Add the ground almonds into the mix and keep on heat for further 30 seconds – 1 minute just to bring back to boil.
4. Pour the mixture into a lined tray or into moulds, you want to spread this out with a spoon to make sure you get it quite thin. Do not touch the hot sugar with your fingers, it burns!!
5. Allow this to sit and cool to room temperature, minimum 1 hour.
6. When cooled this will have become solid praline.
7. Melt the chocolate and coat your praline. I decided it was much easier to just make this into 1 big tray and then pour the chocolate over the top.
8. Let the chocolate cool to room temperature and harden up.
9. When cool and solid just smash up the giant daim into smaller daim’s and eat!!

These will keep in an airtight container in a cool, dry place until you have been able to eat them all.
If your anything like me this won’t take so long, I’m about to smash some up and mix it into ice-cream to make daim ice-cream for my dessert right now 🙂


Chef Stef


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  1. 1
    Flora Keiller

    Hi there,

    Could you replace the butter with a vegan alternative such as coconut butter or almond butter to make the bars vegan?

    Thank you,

    • 2
      The Kiwi Fruit

      Hi Flora,
      I am not sure how it would work, I have not tried it and there is a definite ‘thing’ that the butter brings into the mix. I guess though you could try with coconut butter or coconut oil it may work to something similar. Sorry I have not tried it or anything similar so I can’t say for sure.

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