Homemade Dried Tomatoes

Homemade Dried Tomatoes

Homemade Dried Tomatoes

I must say I do love dried tomatoes and homemade dried tomatoes are even better!! Plus they are so simple to make yourself, once you know how there is almost no reason not to do it!!

Tomato season is coming, though for me tomato season is all year round as I work in a tomato greenhouse for most of the year here in Iceland. But for most people tomatoes are a seasonal produce and when they do come, if you have your own plants, you usually have way to many too handle all at once and need something to do with them. Among many different things ways of preserving tomatoes is drying them. It is actually a very simple process to make your own dried tomatoes it just takes a long time to let the dry but the outcome is totally worth it.

Making them yourself allows you to be able to make them exactly how you want, you can make them only part dried where they will still be soft and squishy or  go the all the way and make fully dried tomatoes, almost rubbery and chewy but with such a spectacular rich flavour!

Dried Tomatoes Dried Tomatoes

I like my dried tomatoes very dried and quite chewy. There is something wonderful about they rich flavour and the texture. I find the chewer the dried tomato, the longer lasting the flavour will be!

I would say the way I dry tomatoes is ‘warm wind dried tomatoes’. I do not have access to strong dry sun to make sun-dried tomatoes so I use what I have, the oven. On a lot heat on fan bake you can generate some good warm wind to dry out your tomatoes.

Dried Tomatoes

So here is the very easy recipe.

You can change the flavour of these how ever you like, Try adding some herbs in with the tomatoes to change the flavour, or drizzle with a small amount of balsamic vinegar. The choice is yours and there are endless possibilities but this recipe is for simple dried tomatoes.

If you can get plum tomatoes I like to use these as I like their shape and find they can dry quicker than big round tomatoes.

You will need large flat or low sided oven trays. High sided trays are not ideal.

Homemade Dried Tomatoes


Tomatoes, as much as you can fit into your trays and oven.
Sprinkle of fresh cracked pepper and salt (optional)

Olive oil for storing (option but advised)


1. Slice your tomatoes, either slice them in half or if you are using large chunky tomatoes slice into wedges.
2. Lay you tomatoes out on your oven trays, you only want to lay them out one layer deep so they all dry evenly, if they are stacked onto of each other they will not dry properly.
3. Sprinkle over the salt and pepper, or any other herbs and flavourings.
4. Turn your oven onto 120decC and fan bake.
5. Fill your oven with the oven trays, you want to make sure there is space for the air to circulate between trays so don’t over fill your oven.
6. Leave to dry out for a very long time until desired dryness is achieved. For me this takes about 7-8 hours but it will also depend on how big your tomatoes are. The smaller the tomato, or smaller wedges will dry quicker so make sure you check every hour or so along the drying process.
7. Allow to fully cool to room temperature then transfer into container for storing. It is best to store the tomatoes in a jar or airtight container fully covered in olive oil, this way they will keep for a very very long time. If there is any moisture in the tomato and it is not covered with oil it will start to go mouldy.
If your tomatoes have no moisture at all left in them then they are fine to leave out of the oil but it is best to leave in an air tight container or a bag and squeeze out all the air. When open to the air this is what makes food go off quicker.

Dried Tomatoes

Now that you have your yummy dried tomatoes you can use them however you like! Eat them as they are, use them in cooking, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make them into pesto. Again the possibilities are endless!

Dried Tomatoes


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    Anna International

    ‘I work in a tomato greenhouse for most of the year here in Iceland’. I don’t think there has ever been a single sentence that has made me more curious to follow a blog than that did! What an interesting sounding life you have! I look forward to more tomato recipes and tales of Iceland, among other things! And as for the instructions on how to dry your own tomatoes – brilliant, I plan on growing our own soon (just need to dig the greenhouse in our new garden out from under a few trees, it’s been a bit neglected!) and I love the idea of drying them and maybe even giving jars as gifts! I will certainly give this a go one day with my own, but for now, I’ll have to make do with the supermarket version! Thank you for sharing at Fiesta Friday!

    • 6

      Thanks Anna!
      I’m glad to hear you are enjoying my posts, I will be sure to have many more stories of my adventures and recipes too 🙂
      Good luck with the greenhouse and then the tomatoes…and then all the drying 🙂 Giving them as gifts is an awesome idea, I love it!

  2. 9

    These look great! We used to get some amazingly good roast tomatoes in oil at our local farmers market when I lived in London, but it doesn’t seem to be such a thing here. I have made the squidgier version in the oven myself and they were so tasty, next time it might have to be these longer cooked drier ones!

    • 10

      Hi Caroline,
      I totally know how you feel, its so nice when you find really good dried tomatoes so rich and tasty!
      Yea give it a go and hopefully you will be able to recreate those yummy farmers market ones!!

  3. 11

    Not sure why I never made homemade dried tomatoes before, since I always plant way too many tomatoes and consequently always have tomatoes coming out of our ears every summer! Maybe I need someone to give me a kick in my hiney! Thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! Welcome, btw! 🙂

    • 12

      Hi Angie,
      I know how you feel it always seems like something that is too hard or too much work but actually its so easy so now I’m giving you that kick in the hiney you need to make some 🙂

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