The Great Iceland Road Trip – Day 10, Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón

The Great Iceland Road Trip – Day 10, Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón

Day 10 of the great Iceland road trip takes us on a tour from Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón.

We woke up so refreshed after all having amazing sleeps in the most comfortable beds ever!!! Actually it was like sleeping in giant yummy marshmallows. I would totally recommend to everyone who visits Egilsstaðir to find the guest house above the old post office and stay there. A super nice place!!!

We drove the road one straight out of town. It would have been really good to visit Seyðisfjörður but we just did not have enough time. The road down to Seyðisfjörður is featured in the secret life of Walter Mitty where he mountain boards down a steep windy road. The town he ends up in is on the western side of Iceland so he does well….

We had two options as we drove around and decided to take the kind of short cut around the road one. This was the 939.   A gravel road that went through, past, near a place or something called Öxi. It was very beautiful, we had some very changeable weather so we were able to get some amazing views on the way. On this route we had some very beautiful waterfalls which we passed by just on the road side. They were stunning, especially in the bright green mossy lava surroundings.
Egilsstaðir to JökulsárlónEgilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-2 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-3

After joining back onto the road one the scenery began to change. We were on the plush yet rugged coastal edge where the mountain just rolled off into the ocean. We were again disappointed by the fact we had to rush by the east. But the car made the perfect place for taking photos.

Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-4 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-5 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-6 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-7 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-8

We reached a farm called Gerði, which is one the closest accommodation to Jökulsárlón in an area/farm I think is known by Hali. We followed an adorable little puppy down the drive and knew that was where we had to stay. We checked into a nice private cabin and had some good puppy cuddles.

Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-9 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-10

The afternoon was spent at the glacial lagoons. Firstly Jökulsárlón. Adam and Oxana went out on one of the tours but John and I decided that we didn’t need to as we had recently been to Greenland where we did some serious Ice sailing trips. While they were out we just enjoyed the sunshine and the always amazing spectacle that is an Ice berg.

Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-11 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-12

After Jökulsárlón we jumped across the road to the ice beach. Such a beautiful black sand beach washing the ice bergs up on the shore after the have made their way out of the mouth of the lagoon.

Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-13 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-15Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-14Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-18Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-19Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-20

Our last visit was to Fjallsárlón. John and I had visited there before and it was one of the most amazing lagoons we had seen, packed with ice in crystal still waters but unfortunately this time there was hardly any ice at all. We think it was because there had recently been flooding near that area which had affect the lagoon. It was still an amazing place to visit as you can see the glacier from closer than at Jökulsárlón.

Whilst we were there Adam decided to be that idiot tourist and stand on one of the Icebergs as so many people seem think that is a good idea… it is not, actually it causes a lot of problems at Jökulsárlón with people getting stuck. Fortunately as he was smart he only stood on the piece of ice basically attached to the shore.
Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-16 Egilsstaðir to Jökulsárlón-17

The rain began to move back in while we were there do we decided to call it a day and head back to our guesthouse to make some delicious dinner and play some cards.

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