Nyborg is a cute little town situated on the Island of Funen in Denmark.

We visited Nyborg on a day trip from Copenhagen during our recent holiday in Denmark.

The town itself is quite small but super cute! There are lots of old houses all around and it’s lovely to just walk around the streets while some houses stick out at you from funny angles and lean on odd directions.

There are nice parks with big grassy areas and trees. (This is quite a special sight coming from a wonderfully long and white winter in Iceland).

Flowers blooming in the gardens and ducks paddling in the canals through out the town gives it a very quiet and quaint feeling.

In the town there is a castle surrounded by a mote and guards towers dotted around. We walked around the area but you can also go into the castle if you wish.

After enjoying the sites we visited some of the cafe’s in the town. We went to a danish bakery and feeling like proper tourists ordered some danish’s.. They were yummy 🙂 … But I must admit the best danish I have ever had is from A Bu Cha in Niseko, Japan.

We also visited what happened to be a very rare local pub in Denmark. We walking in and to my surprise everyone inside was smoking. This is a shock to be as being from NZ I actually can’t even remember when smoking was allowed inside. In Denmark a smoking law was passed 2 years ago banning people from smoking inside but there are some exceptions to this rule, don’t ask me how it works I have no idea just that we happened to find one of these rare places. Unfortunately John and I and both non smokers so actually after the surprise and confusion that everyone was smoking we didn’t enjoy it so much and when we left we smelt of stale smoke 🙁

So here are some pictures of our little visit to Nyborg.

Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg  Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg Nyborg

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