Trans-Canada Road Trip – Alberta

Trans-Canada Road Trip – Alberta

Alberta really is oil country! It is something you quickly notice as soon as you cross over the boarder. It looks like there are giant Dippy Birds scattered across all the farmers fields bringing up oil.

Alberta_1966Not long after we crossed over the boarder into Alberta we saw signs to a little town called Delia. We stopped in there just to have a look, something we couldn’t not do seeing as it is my mum’s name. It was a nice little town with some beautiful gardens around.

We were making our way to Drumheller. Dinosaur capital of Alberta … Canada, maybe the even the world. Here we spent two nights, staying in the fantastic Walmart carpark with a five star view!

It is a great relief driving into Drumheller after driving across the flat prairies of not just Alberta but Saskatchewan and Manitoba too. The scenery changes!!! There is not just something to look at but something amazing to look at!

As you drive down into town through the canyon you see the amazing layers in the landscape and being to understand just why this place is so special.


The weather was mostly torrential rain when we arrived and was forecast for thunderstorms for three days. We found a clear patch that evening to go exploring and then it came out to be a perfectly beautiful day the next day. It rained again on the third day but that was fine by us as that was when we were heading out.

Drumheller is a really interesting town with lots of cool stuff to see and sadly lots of tacky stuff to see too, like the famous giant T-Rex in front of the information centre. It is cool to see but you can then go up into it and look out. We didn’t do that, as well with the rain there was nothing to look out too. There are also silly coloured friendly dinosaurs dotted all around the town centre.

We visited many of the awesome things to do around the town. The Hoodoo’s, driving the dinosaur trail, going to the museum and taking a walk out into national park right next to it. Going out to the old miners suspension bridge and visiting the soon to be ghost town of Wayne. But the best part was simply just driving around the Badlands!! What an awesome name for an area, thanks Alberta.

Not too far from Drumheller is a place called dinosaur national park. It sounds pretty cool. We didn’t go there however as it was in the wrong direction. Our next stop was on to Calgary.

We have some friends who live in Calgary so we went to stay with them for about five days. In this time it rained and rained and then to be different, rained a little harder. So we didn’t get out and do to much exploring of the city. Instead we just enjoyed the company of our friends and some good food!

One of our friends was working at the Calgary Stampede so he got us passes to all go in for the day. Calgary Stampede is the biggest cowboy even in Alberta and I think in North America. It is a super awesome day out or week out which ever you want to go for.

With our passes we were able to go to see the rodeo which was super cool to see. Both mine and John’s first ever rodeo and it was a good one. It had rained so much that morning we were all soaking wet and so was the grounds for the rodeo. It was one big mud pit which gave for some awesome spectating as people went flying face first into the mud and splashes would fly out from hooves landing in the pools.

The most amazing part was the ‘clowns’, the guys who distract the bulls after the rider has been thrown so the don’t get smashed. It is a pretty hard core thing they are doing, charging at and angry bull!!

We enjoyed some of the many carnival activities and foods. John won me a big cuddly toy on the carnival games just like you see happen in the movies 🙂 Raffee the Giraffe. There were lots of things too see and enjoy around the grounds without even going into any of the special events.

The second even we went to was the chuck wagon racing and evening show with a great fireworks display. The chuck wagon racing was great! It took a few turns before we really understood it and even then we didn’t really.

This was also made so much better by the mud, teams would start out in their beautiful colours with things on the sides of their wagons. At the finish they all looked the same… brown. We made it extra fun by choosing a team and cheering them on. Sometimes we got it right and picked the winning team.

One of the days we had in Calgary we had a clear afternoon so we went with our friends and their friends out into Kananaskis Country. This is at the foothills to the great Canadian rockies. It was beautiful and the mountains we massive. Especially after coming across the flats of Alberta.

We went for what should have been a shorter hike up to a nice waterfall for lunch. Instead we took a much longer ‘detour’, doing some bush crash and eventually finding the waterfall. Then taking another ‘detour’ on the way back. I think it was fair to say the little trail maps were not easy to follow.

All and all it was still great fun and we really enjoyed all of our time in Alberta. Though it wasn’t over yet, after here we made out way into the rockies.


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    What great timing to make it to the Calgary Stampede – and get tickets too! The rest of the journey should be a lot more picturesque. I look forward to reading about your crossing the mountains.

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