Trans-Canada Road Trip – Laclu

Trans-Canada Road Trip – Laclu

This part of our road trip is spent in the cabin on an Island in Laclu Lake which our friend Sean’s family owns. It was a fantastic few days!!

When we had met up with Sean in Winnipeg we made sure we had everything packed and ready, the boat was all up and running and everything was a go to head out in the morning!

We drove from Winnipeg back into western Ontario. Heading toward the town of Kenora but turning off just before we got there toward Laclu lake. It is on an island in Laclu the Sean’s family has a cabin on the lake.

While we lived with Sean years back in NZ there was this amazing infamous place to which he always talked about…. the cabin on the lake… the cabin at Laclu. We had always talked about doing this trip and how awesome it would be to meet up there in years to come. Little did we all know that it was actually going to happen!

With some quick organising on Sean’s behalf and some long drives from us this trip was a real life event! It was amazing and so cool to go there with one of out great friends!

We arrived to Laclu just before lunch where we loaded and launched the boat the head on over to Johnson Island. This is where the cabin was. Sitting high and beautiful above the big rocks and almost hidden by the surrounding trees there was our first glimpse of this fantastic place. We docked the boat and hauled all our stuff up the stairs and then the adventure really began.
Laclu Laclu
Laclu Laclu Laclu Laclu

We were super hot after our little work out and the sun was shining so it was obvious that the first thing to be done was a nice refreshing jump in the lake, so down we went to the big rock where we could dive out into the beautiful water. After a good dip it was time for some delicious jalapeno and cheddar hotdogs!!!


We knew the rain was coming for the weekend so we were off to make the most of the sunshine in the afternoon while we had it!After our lunch we took a short explore around the island then piled back into the boat to visit all of Sean’s memories and make some new ones for us all.

First stop was the jumping cliffs. This is a big rock wall of indian island with different level jumps from it. Sean’s rating of them was from pre-school up to collage with drunken student level for the extra crazies who wish to do the more dare devil jump. We jumped from high-school and collage grades. That was good enough for us. High-Scold was a good fun level and collage a fair bit more challenging but every jump was rewarded by a big refreshing splash from Laclu below.

Click here to see a video Sean put together…

Next on the days adventure was out to a different part of Laclu to climb up to the train tracks. From the waters edge you park up the boat and take a short walk through ‘the bear cave’. A big pitch black tunnel which takes you under the mountain, coming out on the other side of the train tracks. We made sure there were no trains coming before walking down the tracks to climb up and onto a nice lookout point. This is one place that was filled with stories from Sean’s childhood.

Laclu Laclu Laclu Laclu

The afternoon was coming along but there was still pliantly of the beautiful weather left so we went down to one end of Laclu where it joins to lake Louise via a beautiful small series of waterfalls. It was the perfect place to walk across the shallow rocks and sit in the flow of the water.

Laclu Laclu Laclu

We decided that was a good lot of things to see for the day so we headed back to the cabin to make some delicious dinner and enjoy the last of the evening as we watch the storm roll in. We were then treated to an amazing thunder and lightening storm which went all night. Literally every time we woke up the skies were still flashing, it was awesome.

The next morning was calm but cloudy. We had some yummy breaky then decided to head into Kenora for the day so Sean could introduce us to the A&W Teen Burger and Dairy Queen. We went down to the dock and were in for a nice surprise, the storm the night before had almost sunk the little boat. It was so full of water, the overflow holes were all under water and only a few more inches and the whole thing would have been under. We got some pots and jugs and started to take out the water. After about 5 minutes of all of us scooping and splashing Laclu was back in the lake.


Laclu The afternoon remained fairly overcast and when we arrived back to Laclu we jumped back over to the cabin and went to visit with some of Sean’s family who were also down in their cabins for the weekend. It was a great evening meeting new people and enjoying everyones company.


The next day was Sunday which brought the weekend to a close. We got up and had Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast and in-between the morning showers decided to kill some time by getting the air rifles out and shooting some cans off the balcony. Then it was packing up and heading out back to Winnipeg.

Laclu Laclu Laclu

It was an amazing few days!!! Thanks Sean!!!


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