Trans-Canada Road Trip -One Week of Nova Scotia

Trans-Canada Road Trip -One Week of Nova Scotia

Trans-Canada Road Trip – Nova Scotia!

Well Nova Scotia it is fair to say you live up to your reputation of being the cute, quaint little sibling in the big Canada family. With fields of green, trees budding, friendly locals and amazing views we had an awesome week!!!

Our first night on Nova Scotia was spent at the Two Rivers Camp Ground which is also at the wildlife park which I mentioned in my previous post. Here they have an observatory which being a relatively clear night we were able to see some amazing things from. First we saw Jupiter and all her beautiful colours, then some amazing close up’s of the moon, the shadows in the creators and the mountains towering up to 4 Km’s high. We saw Mars, the Ring Nebula and most amazingly Saturn sitting nicely in her rings. This was all amazing to see and also just to talk with Stan who was the man in charge.

The next day we had a relaxing day as we only had to make our way into North Sydney for dinner. We got to see the adorable little baby squirrels again in the morning before heading off from Two Rivers.

We went into Sydney to look around the port and to do some necessary shopping. You might notice in this post that my pictures are all in a different style, that would be because I am using a different sense. While in Sydney my sense broke which was just so rude!! It couldn’t really have happened at a worse time.

Nova Scotia

We made our way into North Sydney for dinner at The Lobster Pound and Moore!!! It was amazing! It came recommended by lonely planet then when we had mentioned to the people at Two Rivers that was where we were thinking of going they were a little jealous so we were looking forward to it! It was all totally worth it too!!!

We hadn’t found the right opportunity for some Newfoundland Lobster so we knew we had to try some out in Nova Scotia.

We both had the lobster dinner, which was a very reasonable price and was huge. We got a boat of salad to start, then the whole lobster each and sides with that. It was also super fresh as we herd them say from the kitchen…”I’m just sending ‘so ’n’ so’ out to get the lobsters”. Richard the chef and one of the owners was also the nicest most helpful guy! He gave us some Lobster lessons so we were actually able to get into it and he just generally was awesome, spoke to us and all the customers as much as he could. He also asked where we would be staying and recommended us some good spots, one of which being the carpark of his restaurant. In the end we decided to stay on the little spot on his road overlooking the bay. All and all it was a perfect evening and I would totally recommend anyone to go there!

We then headed north in Nova Scotia into the highlands, where they were proud and somewhat confused by their Scottish heritage… we saw signs saying “If it’s Nae Scottish it’s Crap…” next to things about St Patrick and Leprechauns. I made for an interesting and beautiful drive to say the least.

The weather was beautiful and we were heading into the national park. Now that it is starting to get into summer things are starting to open up so we had to pay, but they do a thing called a discovery pass which is not too expensive and gives you entries into all the Parks Canada things for 2 years. We figured that was well worth it!!!

In the Cape Highlands National Park we did some nice hikes. We did the ‘Freshwater Lake’, ‘Warren Lake’, ‘Lone Shielding’, ‘Jack Pine’, ’Mica Hill’, ‘The Bog’, another lake and of course the ‘Skyline Trail’.

The scenery over all the tracks was stunning but the most interesting was the short walk through ’The Bog’. This was only 15 minutes but had lots of little information signs around telling you about what is it and how it works. The best part for us was the different types of insect eating plants growing up there. Super fascinating.

The ‘Skyline Trail’ was the most recommended and popular track. It was a nice walk through forrest out onto a boardwalk look out of the ocean and surrounding areas. Fortunately we were there on nice days to make the most of all the walks and scenery.

We saw a fair amount of Wildlife in the park, Nova Scotia has some more than Newfoundland. No bears or coyotes (though we spoke to someone who the day before say 7 bears over 2 walks, not on the trails we did though). We saw snakes, one of which we startled while eating its dinner and we got to watch it finish up. We saw a young moose who actually walked onto the path, not minding much that we were there but wasn’t to sure about letting us pass. Fortunately it was on a busy path and we just waited a little until some more people caught up  and passed in a group and all was fine 🙂

Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaWe left the highlands and continued along the cabot trail, the road that loops around the highlands. While on the trail we visited both Dingwall and Inverness, nothing like the originals at all.

We made our way down to Halifax, The Capital in Nova Scotia, were we did some shopping, I got a new wide sense for my camera and John a hat and glasses as he had lost them both the day before. From here we took a drive along a little of the south-western coast to Peggy’s cove, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. These are all very picturesque old fishing villages.

Nova ScotiaPeggy’s cove has a beautiful white and red lighthouse sitting out on the rocky point and is a popular tourist destination. We got there early at only 9.15 but that was not early enough to beat the first tour busses, the lighthouse was surrounded by a sea of asians….

The weather began to turn for the rest of the day getting very foggy so we went into the Kiwi Cafe in Chester. Owned by a once was Hamiltonian we had to make it a stop. Sadly I didn’t know her but it was good none the less.

Now of the stops we tried to make was out to oak island. We had read of this mysterious hole that some people noticed and then started to dig up in the late 1700’s. Thinking there was hidden pirated treasure there. It is now a very big hole, 30 something meters deep and very wide as people are still exploring what is in there. Over time they have only found a few things but have confirmed that the hole is booby trapped and there is a fake beach built near it. All very strange. Unfortunately the island is currently privately owned so we were not able to have a look 🙁

It has been a bit harder to find good camping spots out in Nova Scotia as it is a more populated place but we still managed to find some stunning spots.

One thing that is a shame is that we didn’t make the most of Halifax but we are now moving on to cross over the confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. On the road out of Nove Scotia not long before the New Brunswick boarder is a little place called Joggins. I read about this after we left but for anyone else making the trip I would recommend the visit, apparently it is one of the best places in the world to view 300 million year old fossils of all types. How cool!!!


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    You are certainly being very thorough in your travels. PEI is the only province I have not visited, but will be interested to hear how it goes.

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      The Kiwi Fruit

      We sure are, only do it once so want to make sure we do it properly. PEI was awesome though we only spent a few days there. I will be posting our travels there shortly.

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